Martini of Motivation

There is an intoxicating romance surrounding an artist’s inspiration. Artists rarely reveal their secret recipes for success. I am not sure if the following rant is a recipe for success, but it’s definitely a cocktail for survival. So, belly up to the bar, because we could all use a drink right about now.

My artistic process starts with an idea followed by preparation, procrastination, self-deprecation, pontification, coffee, NPR, and music resulting in the creation of a few pieces of art I can be proud of.

Inspiration is the tonic water of life. It’s not even a “real drink”. It just makes the hard stuff taste more palatable. What’s more important than inspiration? Motivation by a long shot. In fact, put 3 shots in your shaker right now. What launches my keister straight up with a twist to work each day? Quite frankly: Anxiety & Fear of Death. Yeah, I said it. That’s my magic Martini of motivation. Waiting around for inspiration is like being polite in a crowded New York City Bar. You are NEVER getting served.

IRL, ain’t nothing going on but the rent… bills, work, kids, relationships, health etc. Everyone has their own bespoke mix of worry. I use the neurotic energy from anxiety and switch it to fuel for productivity. Add 1 shot of neurotic energy to your shaker because anxiety is the vermouth of life. We don’t really want it in there, but this is just not a Martini without it. Fear of Death has been propelling humanity forward since the beginning of time. FOD is the gin and should only be used in moderation. I recommend just a splash to receive the gift of gratitude for the air in your lungs, your very existence, the day before you and discovering a new positive spin on life many will never experience. Thinking about “Last Call” leads to crystal clarity on what you want to do while you are here.

Remember, my recipe is just that… my recipe. Results may vary and don’t be afraid to shake up your own. Cheers! xoxo


New York artist most known for her Lady Liberty art prints and original paintings. Discover Laura's complete I Love New York series in the shop.