Cleaning Like A Mother

My Saturday mornings are about cleaning up. Ok. I just lied. TO YOUR FACE. Every day is about cleaning up in motherhood. However, on Saturdays I take it a bit more seriously.

This is my apartment. Regardless of what you might think.. it’s not messy. It is carefully curated by a 10 year old. Every chaotic inch is painstakingly crafted with toys, stickers, dolls, puzzles and slime. The spectrum of color contrast, sophisticated composition, dramatic textures and intellectual themes of both childhood and feminism in this installation is worthy of the Whitney Biennial. All it’s missing is the perfect magniloquent title… something like “Mother F$$ker” or “The Genius of Children”. I have no doubt that Stella could recreate this masterpiece in the museum in a New York minute. Give us a shout Whitney.

I do not blame the condition of our dwelling solely on my daughter. Though she rules her territory on the southern 1/3 of our living room, the northern 1/3 is Laura Loving World Headquarters. We share a small plot of land right down the Mason-Dixon line where we can sit on our fabulous Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams couch (the only expensive piece of furniture I own) and watch tween movies or put puzzles together.

Real talk, no magazine is coming for a photoshoot. Editors don’t have the balls to feature the type of authentic artistry that goes into creating a sanctuary of freedom for art and children. So, I am stepping in to present our chef-d’oeuvre. This refuge from the big city is an oasis for one mini- New Yorker and a badass lady boss artist. My beautiful and creative little She/Her thrives here and so do I… right here in our mess.

Bye for now. I should get back to work so we can have a path to the exits.

Xoxo World Famous Artist and Mother Laura Loving.


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