Tennis Anyone?

Check out my latest commissions for two tennis stars from Georgia Southern University.

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Peach Ice Cream

Headed into the pinnacle summer weekend with wobbly legs and uneasy feels about the nation. I don't have a profound solution for a way forward other than protest and vote.…

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How To Buy Art

Welcome to Studio Laura Loving! Need help selecting art? I've got you covered! This is what I do. I am not only an artist, I am also a gifted art…

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All About Prints

Prints on canvas are my most popular print format. The canvas is hand-stretched and wrapped around a 1.5" thick wood frame. Your print will arrive ready to hang on the…

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Commission a Painting

I am often inspired by the creativity of my clients and what they ask me to create for them. One of my latest commissions was for MAC Presents, an agency in Manhattan.…

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76 Trombones & Trouble

The ups and downs of the city’s recovery will jerk you around from incredible highs to nerve fraying lows that will at times have you swearing to leave the city.…

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