Fortune Follows The Brave… And The Blond

#TBT Summer 1990. Hair I am striking a pose in Bath, England and having the time of my life traveling all over the UK. This ice blonde lewk was a result of a hair emergency that occurred in my parent’s bathroom in the cosmopolitan metropolis of Fayetteville, GA. A quick trip to our local salon transformed my Carrot Orange DIY Doo to Majestic Beige! I absolutely loved it.

Do blondes have more fun? Hard to say as I was born gifted in that arena, but it did have some totally sexist perks that I didn’t expect. I funded my trip to Europe working as the hostess in my hometown hotspot called “The Lone Star Cafe”. I had interviewed the summer before with no luck, but hired on the spot with new hair with flair. “The Lone Star Cafe” was a honky tonk restaurant/bar with live performers on the weekend. It was incredibly popular. Its most famous performer was a guy called, “The Chicken Man”. He was part comedian and part country crooner dressed in a chicken costume. A magic combination that tickled the fancy of 100s of guests each weekend. Blonde ambition opened the door to making $80 a night plus tip share (which was upwards of $100). It didn’t take long to bank enough dough to jump the pond singing, “You don’t have to call me darlin, darlin.” aka the last song of the night which I had to sing.

My Madonna Reinvention Makeover definitely gave me a new perspective, a stronger leaning towards play, and a new confidence to flex talent muscles I never had before. OK, so it was more like a Shania Twain situation in this case. Whatever. When in doubt, remember that fortune follows the brave…. and the blonde!


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