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A growing number of companies have chosen to enjoy Laura’s art at work as well as a part of their corporate identity. She works with individuals and corporate professionals nationwide on selection, creation, and installation of a variety of wall art solutions as well as branded imagery for decoration and promotion including:
:: Fine Art Reproductions on Canvas, Acrylic & Paper
:: Original Artwork Commissions
:: Large Mural Installations 
:: Branded Imagery
:: Event Promotions
:: Holiday Greetings
Interior designers, architects, art consultants, marketing executives and project managers are welcome to request a quote for projects large and small. Contact us to discuss an idea or wall decor need at or 347 249 4525.  
Scroll down to hear what some of the world’s most successful executives have to say about their “Loving” office.

A growing number of companies have chosen to enjoy Laura’s art at work.

Paula Tolliver, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Intel, has been collecting Laura’s work for nearly two decades.  Here’s what she has to say about her “Loving” office,”The technology sector is driven by innovation – I love having Laura’s colorful paintings in my workspace to inspire my creativity and imagination.”

Guillaume Gauthereau, founder of the Gauthereau Group & Sequoia Lab, explains why he enjoys his New York office filled with Lovings, “Laura’s paintings make my office a happy and engaging workplace. They also benefit our brand image. Visiting clients view our space as an artistic environment which nourishes creativity. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?”

Marie Allen Van Mol, CEO of MAC Presents, says, “MAC Presents has Laura’s work all over our New York office. We spend so much time at work these days, it makes perfect sense to have objects that we love in our work space. That’s why we have paintings by Laura Loving. I find them inspiring. “

Laurent Guerrier, CEO and Founder of Luxe Avenue INC, is a successful entrepreneur sourcing talent for luxury companies. Laurent has paired Laura’s work with many amazing companies over the years including: LALIQUE, Bally and J.M. Weston.
Laura designed the below image for Luxe Avenue’s 10th anniversary celebration. These fashionistas graced the front of the invitation and were made into ceramic coasters for party favors.

Delta Airlines purchased a large canvas of Wink at Warhol (Pink) for their BCRF (Breast Cancer Research Foundation) office in New York.
This video tells the story of Delta flight attendant Alice Ramsey’s  survival and breast cancer advocacy. In addition to Alice’s work at Delta, she is also the founder of The Pink Posse.

John Sessler, owner of Zoe Brand, notes, “Laura created a unique image with our products on the NYC skyline, which we now use as a logo. This has really enhanced our identity and heightened our image and perception with our trade relations and customers.” Click his photo below to watch a video about his company.

Amazon ordered a large scale print of Rush Hour @ Grand CentralGrand Central Terminal and Brooklyn Bridge for their New York offices.

Laura’s art at Shaw Contract in Union Square for their 2017 launch of their Emergence collection.

Below are some other brands that Laura has worked with.


New York artist most known for her Lady Liberty art prints and original paintings. Discover Laura's complete I Love New York series in the shop.