Martini of Motivation

There is an intoxicating romance surrounding an artist's inspiration. Artists rarely reveal their secret recipes for success. I am not sure if the following rant is a recipe for success,…

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Level Up for Moms

Mother’s Day is Sunday. I am not going to write a heartfelt piece about the joys of being a mom. For the record, I totally feel and experience said joys…

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The Genius of Jaws

I read about Jaws being "The Movie" of Quarantine 2020 in The New Republic recently. The article paints parallels of the shark ruining summer, destroying the economy and the people…

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The Very Angry Bird

Never underestimate what a child can learn from having a pet. I was 8 years old when I learned how to navigate a toxic relationship. My teacher was a bird.

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Arriving in The Pines

My Big Gay Birthday

Tim is the first friend I made as an adult. He is the Will to my Grace, the Rupert Everett to my Madonna and the Harry Potter to my Hermione…

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