10 Lords A Leaping Ornament


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This charming series is inspired by Scandinavian Folk Art and has a modern color palette.

10 Lords a Leaping 

Some say the 12 days of Christmas song was written around the time of Henry VIII, when large houses usually had a long corridor where the upper classes could take exercise when the weather was bad. A favourite form of exercise for the men was to play at leap-frog, a game now usually left to children. If for instance there are 10 people playing they form a line with a couple of paces between them, they face forward and bend over holding their legs below the knee. When everybody is ready the one at the back runs up to the one ahead, places his hands on the bent over persons back and vaults over, swinging his legs around the one being vaulted. He then moves on and vaults over the next in line and so on until he vaults the last one when he bends over and waits to be vaulted. Meanwhile at the back the first to be vaulted as soon as the first jumper has gone stands up and starts to vault everybody in turn. OMG> They were playing leap frog!!!

These full color wood shaped ornaments are 4.5″ x 3″ and 1/4″ deep with a printed acrylic surface.

* Made in the USA
* Signed and Numbered by the Artist
* Designed in New York City