Art Consulting

This is what art consulting looks like. 👀 Meet my client Lyla. She lives in Philadelphia and her favorite color is purple. 💜 Lyla’s vision included my Hare Color 🐰 and Jolly Roger ☠️ prints on canvas in shades of her favorite hue 🖼 🖼 without being too matchy matchy. 🚫

First, Lyla did a mock up of the sizes we were considering in masking tape on her chosen wall. 📐 Now that we could see the scale, she chose a color for the Jolly Roger ☠ and I photoshopped the pieces in. Voila! ✨ We created a fabulous custom installation. So chic! So unique! Way to go Lyla! ✨🐰☠💜. Email me at to create one of your own!


New York artist most known for her Lady Liberty art prints and original paintings. Discover Laura's complete I Love New York series in the shop.