The Art Guide

Welcome to Studio Laura Loving! Need help selecting art? I’ve got you covered! Do not hesitate to contact me via email (, text or call (347 249 4525) for assistance. This is what I do. I am not only an artist, I am also a gifted art consultant that can help you get some color and inspiration on those big white walls of yours! Virtual or in person studio visits can be a game changer on understanding different mediums and making your final selections. I know it’s so 1999, but seriously… call me! 🙂

I believe everyone can and should collect art. Art has a positive effect on the people who own it.  It’s not just decoration; it inspires us and affects the way we feel on a daily basis.

Are you ready to buy some art? Do not stress! Gravitate towards images you love and that have special meaning to you. Curating your own art collection is a way of expressing yourself.  There are no wrong choices. Have fun with it. No one is judging.

Art at any price point is an investment. If you buy art you connect with, it will always have value regardless of trend or market. It will always make you happy and you will always have the memory of discovering it!



Keep this quote from Nate Berkus (my favorite interior designer) in your mind as you build your collection, “I believe your home tells a story about who you are and who you aspire to be. We represent ourselves through the things we own. I don’t believe in trends. I believe in collecting things that you connect with. We should surround ourselves with things we care about, that have meaning.”